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Please proceed for the 12 stations Prayer Proceed to the rear part of the Temple (The          God of Hell) Approach  "Black and White Impermanence          " to reveal your wish Proceed to the Golden Zodiac Abacus & place           both hand on the Zodiac which you belongs to           and start going clockwise direction touching           every horoscope as you go Stop at your own horoscope and make your           wish You can then make a small donation to your           own horoscope
Before praying to Na Tuk Stone you must first           cleanse your hands and proceed to station 10           to reveal your wish to Na Tuk Kong (Guardian           Spirits) then get the Kemenyan incense and           proceed to the Na Tuk Stone Place the Kemenyan incense in front of the           Stone and light it up Through the smoke please observe the surface           of the Na Tuk Stone         
Please proceed for the 12 stations Prayer Pray to Tua Pek Kong to grant your wishes Draw a divination sticks and look at the           numbers on the stick Base on the number drawn search for the           drawer which display the same number as           yours and take the divination description           note inside