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Lost Souls
Some souls may have passed on in a foreign land or had no one to rely on before their death. They are then left stranded and helpless, roaming by the streets or at the locations of their death. To them, our incense and prayers are seen as meritorious and their greatest comfort and warmth. This is comparably witnessing a physically disadvantaged person on the streets and offering them food and money by pure intentions. Now, the only difference is that we are conducting offerings to these wandering spirits whom we cannot see, instead of a living being. Some wonder why these wandering souls are still loitering on earth and question why they do not head straight to their destined place in the underworld. There is a saying in the Taoist theory: those whose deaths are caused by sudden mishaps, fall under the category of “Unnatural Deaths”, in other words, their biological time on earth has not yet fully exhausted and thus the Grim Reaper of the Underworld will not acknowledge their souls for a stated period of time, some of which may be subjected to a waiting time several years before they can finally retire from the living world. However, do keep this in mind-Offerings must be done within the fixed time frame of 7pm-10pm, after sunset, and not any later than 10pm. This is because the Chinese believe that the “Yin Qi” gradually gets heavier past 10. The worst time to conduct such offerings is between 11pm-1am, as the trans- action timing of “Yang & Yin Qi” may cause unnecessary agitation to these “Lost Souls”!
有些孤魂野鬼可能是客死异乡,或者生前无依无靠,死后无家可归,只能在路边漫无 目的徘徊,非常可怜。对它们来说,我们的香火供奉,就是最大的温暖和慰籍,能够 让它们感受到人间处处有温情,也是功德无量的善举。就好比您在路边看到了那些可 怜的残缺人士在行乞一般,您也一定会施以援手的不是吗?不同的是现在我们所谈的 并不是活着的人而是死去的鬼,一般的活人所无法看得见也不愿去看到的“东西”! 有很多人都在纳闷着为什么这些好兄弟们不是应该都回到阴间去了吗?那为什么还会 有这么多关于它们在农历七月除外的月份里出现呢?其实在道家理论中是有一个说法 的。 据说阳寿未尽横死(出车祸。被人害死各种)死后因为阳寿未尽,阴差们是不会来拿 魂,也过不去鬼门关,自然也就无法过得了奈何桥。就会飘飘荡荡的一直在死去的地 方徘徊着不知何去何从。在这里我们就不加以讨论好兄弟们是否需要进食之类的传言 因为谁都说不准,除非一个人能死而复生的回来讲述这一切。总而言之就算好兄弟们 无法享用这些拜祭品,至少它们也会感觉到您的情意与温情。 切记在祭拜时一定要在太阳下山以后,大概晚上7点至10点之间。不过, 超过10点就 不宜祭拜了!因为此时阴气越来越重,尤其子时(晚上11点至凌晨1点 )正值天地阴 阳交接,是煞气最重的时辰,容易犯冲惹阴彭。