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God of Culture and Literature
Wenchang Dijun, is a Taoist deity in Chinese Mythology, known as the God of Culture and Literature is also at times referred to simply as Wen Qu, or Wen. The literal translation of his name would be King of Flourishing Culture/Language. Wenchang Wang is physically represented by a constellation of six stars near the Big Dipper. The stars all had names of their own: Shangjiang, Cijiang, Guixiang, Siming, Sizhong, and Silu. Wenchang Wang is often depicted as an elderly scholar accompanied by two attendants, Tianlong and Diya. He has historically been called upon by scholars and writers who need inspiration or help right before an exam. Having died an honorable death in a rebellion against Emperor Fu Jian in 374. Other accounts of Wenchang Wang appear rather sporadically at different time periods; he has been given seventeen reincarnations over a period of 3,000 year.